Trilogic - corporate profile

Company’s aim is to provide to the customers:

  • the up-to-date scientific knowledge
  • the most recent research techniques
  • the most effective and secure hair products.

Since its foundation in 2004, Trilogic aims at providing the latest information and the up-to-date scientific knowledge regarding trichology, as well as the most effective and secure hair growth products to the Russian market.

Trilogic is a well known distributor of the professional hair growth lines: Divination Simone De Luxe (Spain), MedPlanta, Nanogen (UK), Revivexil, Eucapil and mani other products, clinically tested and certified in Russia and in the countries of origin.

The company is an exclusive distributor of the following companies: Cosmofarma S.R.L (Italy), Nanogen (UK), Interpharma (Czech Republic) , ROFERSAM S.A (Spain), etc.

Trilogic is the only company in Russia that exclusively presents the Lexington’s well-known product HairMax LaserComb, approved by the FDA USA for the treatment of alopecia androgenetica.

The company is also the developer and the exclusive distributor of the first professional diagnostic trichological program in Russia - Trichoscience®.

Established by the Medical Doctors – dermatologists, Trilogic company has always been at the cutting edge of trichology in Russia, specialising in conducting training courses for medical doctors and doctors’ assistants, and providing the most advanced hair products for the customers.


Training programs are conducted separately for medical doctors and doctors’ assistants & hair dressers. The participants obtain the up-to-date information about the most reliable hair growth products and procedures, as well as the novel diagnostics and research techniques. The participants are also being trained to use the unique professional diagnostic program Trichoscience®.

The first version of the professional diagnostic program Trichoscience® appeared in Russia in 2004. Created by a medical professional, Dr. V. Tkachev, MD, PhD, vice-chairmen of the Trichological Society of the National Alliance of dermatologists and cosmetologists of Russian Federation, this program provides the most specific trichological techniques available nowadays. Due to the quick progress in the scalp and hair disorders’ diagnostics field, the program has got nine versions by present time (2013).

Trichoscience® exists in two versions, English and Russian. Currently the program is used in Russia, the CIS countries, Israel, Europe and the USA.

Sphere of influence

Trilogic is the leading company in Russia dealing with the professionals in the field of medical doctors, dermatologists and trichologists, as well as the cosmetologists and trichologists-hairdressers and estheticians. The company works with big and small medical clinics and doctor’s offices, spa and beauty salons and hairdresser’s salons. Trilogic takes part in the major medico- cosmetological exhibitions

Our students successfully work in more than thirty cities and towns in the Russian Federation and abroad (the CIS countries, Israel, Czech Republic, Cyprus, and the USA).

Trilogic, Moscow, Russian Federation

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